By the Grace of God....

On monday night, i was involved in a car accident on my way home from work.(faulty brakes) I was not the one driving and i have to say most likely is the driver's fault for not having the car propoerly checked out! If you are driving a public service , the least you can do is ensure the safety of your passengers!

Honestly,, we need to realize that money isn't worth somebody's life! Anyway, all the passenegers in the car survived with minor injuries and i know it was God's grace that saved us! I am not a good person, we are all human and make mistakes. I dont deserve to live more than anyone else. How many people die in accidents everyday? There is nothing special about me, God's grace was with us even though we did not deserve it.

Life is a gift freely given by God,  we do not deserve his grace! We are all sinners but God is gracious and merciful. Thanks be to God that i am still alive. Sometimes we want so many things and yet we forget that what we already have, we once craved for,  Yesterday the priest in my local church encouraged us in his homily to use our hands to bless others and to help one another especially those in most need. Do not be selfish with what you have. If you are wealthy, do not think that its because you work the hardest in the world. Others may work harder than you but do not have what you do! It is by God's grace that you have what you do. May God grnnt us his grace always and use us to bless each other. Amen.


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