learning to make concessions.....

You cannot be right all the time and everyone has a right to have his or her own view about something. Granted , sometimes peoples views and behavior is difficult to accept but you cannot understand someone untill you see things from his perspective.

Sometimes you may even be right but to avoid unecessary conflicts, let it go. Do not try to convince the other party that they are wrong. It is necessary to have a firm stand on certain things like what you believe in but you cannot force everyone to follow your belief. Let's take  the example of Religious beliefs. Some people were born into a certain faith and it has been solidified as they grew up. While i think people need to choose their own path as they grow older, i cannot judge someone based on their beliefs. I cannot say that i am right in my faith and they are wrong in theirs!

People may dislike you based on your beliefs but it doesnt matter, let them. Go on with your life. Do not lose sleep over what people may or may not think about you or your views. Live free and do your best to keep the peace but do not try to fit into someone else's mould of how your life should be. God bless you all!


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