The folly of supremacy!

Last week, i heard that China is building a transcontinental railway line through eastern Europe and apparently one of the workers on the railway allegedly said that those opposed to the railway should be crushed under the heel of China. China has also apparently been behaving very aggressively with her neighbours in the east. I have also read a speech recently where President Trump is allegedly saying that black people are inferior intellectually to white people. I am not sure if he actually said those words, but i know there are people out there who think and feel that way. They are completely wrong and  i pity them.

If you cannot appreciate the differences that exist between people and instead prefer to spread hatred just because people aren't the same as you, then i think its sad! It makes you a very sad human being indeed! We are all human beings and we all deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect worthy of our race! No one has the right to dominate others and subdue them by force and neither do they have the right to make you feel less of a person because you are different.

The ancient Egyptians were one of the mightiest people and developed one of the greatest civilizations on earth, but where are they now? Now they only live in history and provide an example to us that no one on earth is supreme. We are the same and we can fall just as easily as the person next to us. I urge the great nations of the world today to be humble and help the smaller nations. I encourage everyone to treat humanity with mutual respect and diginity. Lets celebrate the fact that we are different and we are all beautiful in our own way. God bless you all!


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