One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church

I just have to say that i am proud to be Roman Catholic! With the recent synod of catholic bishops approaching, there has been a lot of speculation by the media about changes within the church such as allowing re-married Catholics to receive communion. In this changing world, some people are expectant that the church will change as well.

However the Roman Catholic church will not change its stance on certain issues like abortion, divorce, homosexuality, fornication and holy communion just to suit us. People may say that the church is rigid and conservative but the church is not going to dilute our faith for cheap popularity!
This church founded by Christ himself has remained firm in its standards of morality and spiritual guidance on the way its members should live their lives! We will not change just so that we can make you feel good about yourself when you know you are doing something wrong.

Jesus said the church he built will prevail and nothing will destroy what he has built. We will weather this storm and come out even stronger! May the peace of the risen Christ be with you all!

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