We need each other!

Did you greet your neighbor as you left for work? Did you greet the people you stay with? We walk past each other on the street in a hurry sometimes never even stopping to say hello. Sometimes people say hello, how are you doing and we reply that we are fine. But are we really ok?

I think we need to really look deeper into the lives of those around us. Sometimes people say they are ok but they are not. We all need someone to confide in. People may not always offer help but you feel better when you talk to someone when you are burdened with something. I read somewhere on the internet about a man who helped a pregnant women who was suicidal. It was exhausting but he got her through that difficult time and now she cant remember why she wanted to take her life.

We go through dark times and depressions sometimes. Life is getting harder and harder. We build wall fences around our houses and are suspicious of our neighbors and even family members or the people we live with. Sometimes when we see someone bad happening like someone being assaulted or robbed, we pass on the opposite side and pretend not to notice. I mean its not happening to us! Why should we intervene and what if we do and we get dragged into their problems? We are so selfish! Sometimes you really feel like you are alone in this world and no one really cares.  It is really appalling to live in a world where we are indifferent to the lives of other human beings. We cannot even muster up the kindness of a smile when someone greets us or when we are interacting with one another!

Let us all try to take a more active role in helping one another and getting to know what is going on in the lives of others. Let us smile at each other and comfort those who are depressed and in situations of anguish! Hold my hand and lets face life's challenges together!

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