Reverence for God

Some people do not believe in God as the Supreme being and author of all life and creation. Honestly, i do not understand how people can see the world and all its beauty and mystery and still not believe in God. A lot of people take God's name in vain these days. Some people even joke about it and use God's name to swear! And worst of all, some of these people are actually Christians!

We need to remember that one of God's commandments is "You shall not take the Lord's name in Vain". God's name is most Holy and should not be used in idle talk and swearing or jokes. We are calling down God's wrath and justice on us when we disrespect his Holy name.Another way we disrespect God is by working on Sunday. God gave us all the other days in the week to work but Sunday is a day of rest, of worship and thanksgiving to God.

God is merciful but he is also just and if we do not turn to him and have recourse to his mercy, we will not escape his justice!

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