The Dignity of a Woman

Over the weekend i visited a cousin of mine and she told me an interesting but sad experience she had on friday last week. She is a univesrsity student and she was going to attend a wedding that day. She dressed up in her short bubble dress and left with her friend to attend the party. When she disembarked within downtown kampala, a boda rider started heckling her. He asked her whether she thought she was dressed. Within minutes a crowd had gathered around her and she was humiliated. There was a lady in a nearby shop who helped her and shielded her from the crowd. I laughed alot when she told me about it but i was also really sorry she had to be embarassed like that.

In Africa, Uganda sometimes women are publicly shamed by idle men or hooligans within the city because of how the men perceive them to be dressed. It is true that women's bodies attract attention by the very fact of their nature. However a woman should not have to be humiliated for her choice of clothing. She should not be labeled a whore or heckled just because you(mostly men) perceive her to be indecent. In Traditional Africa some cultures bared their breasts and wore short clothing. I realise that times have changed but we need to respect the dignity of a woman and give her the necessary respect.

That being said confidence is essential in dressing! If you wear a short skirt, you have to be able to pull it off. Do not be intimidated and start pulling it down or looking uncomfortable!

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