This Broken World

Its a sad title i know but who am i kidding? The World we live in is broken, shattered by our own selfish actions. I have been following the news about the outbreak of ebola in west africa and the stories are truly heartbreaking. The Governments who could have put a stop to this earlier are just waking up now to the terrible reality it has become. (probably because a few white people caught the virus). We should be ashamed of ourselves! How can we sleep soundly at night knowing that somewhere out there someone is dying in thier own blood and excrement, withour any help or hope of help?

I was recently also reading about the torrential rains in asia which are causing flooding and death to thousands of people afflicted in the region not to mention terrible earth quakes. Sounds very apocalyptic right? Some people do not believe in God but i do! I believe we are now suffering greatly because of our false belief that Science is our God and everything can be achieved through scientific means! While i was reading about ebola i came across something very disturbing. I read that some Governments are developing biological weapons which are capable of wiping out entire cities or even geared to wipe out certain ethnicities or races. I am not one for conspiracy theories but if this is true then we will be responsible for our own destruction!

Do not expect God to sit idly by as we regress into animals with no regard at all for each other or for our creator. Those who have ears should listen. Turn to God in prayer. We are all sinners but God's mercy is greater. I encourage all Christians to say the divine mercy prayer for the world in these troubling times we are living in. May God's mercy be with us all!

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