Respect yourself!

A professor in a higher institution of learning in Uganda recently stripped naked to protest being locked out of her office by another professor in the same institution. Sometimes we take things too far! What is it really worth it to do something like that for a job? Dd she really think about how this would affect the people around her? the students? her peers at work?

She has been made into the butt end of several jokes in the media and honestly lost all respect. In her mind, she had to make a statement to ensure that she out maneuvered the other professor she was feuding with! Wasn't it more about trying to heal her wounded pride?

We are not supposed to judge people without knowing the motive behind their actions.(only God knows that so we should not judge) However we need to understand that our actions have consequences and we have to set an example for young people especially. Respect has to be earned and if your actions portray you as less than deserving then no one will respect you so start by respecting yourself! God bless you all!


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