Earn your keep!

They say "the best things in life are free". Hmmm, obviously the person who wrote that was an "alien". That saying does not apply to things you want out of  life, material things yes but needs. You have to work hard for the things you want and need! There are no short cuts to wealth as people seem to think these days , such as winning the lottery.

There is also a saying that states "easy come, easy go." In life you will find that the things you work for and sweat for are the things that will last. Anything that you do not struggle to get will be gone and it will be like it slipped thoeugh your fingers. Like trying to hold onto to sand. It will be like you never got it in the first place.

We all want an easy time in life but thats not how it works! Do not be afraid of a little hard work because thats the only way you can get what you wnat and need. Besides it always makes you feel good when you get something that you worked hard for, right?


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