Chasing a fantasy (aspirational beauty)!

In today's world, more so than in the past, we are being misled by the media to aspire to be like the airbrushed, sometimes heavily Photoshopped or surgically enhanced people appearing on magazines and television.  We tend to look at them after they have spent hours with a team of hairdressers, and stylists and have had their photos digitally retouched and we are in awe and sometimes feel terrible about ourselves because we never look like that!

Don't kid yourself, no one can look perfect, we all have some physical flaws but someone once said perfect faces are not interesting, its the imperfections that make us unique! Often women, are objectified and presented as nothing more than "sexy" things for men's pleasure and enjoyment. Unfortunately our young men grow up thinking that a woman should be "curvy", with a beautiful smile and "good in bed". They are brought up looking at fake women on the pin up posters who do not exist and these are the women they search for in relationships. That's one of the reasons so many young men are disillusioned in their relationships.

I once read an article in the local paper about a man who cheated on his wife because she had apparently gained weight during her pregnancy. He even said he had lost the desire for her because she "looked like a baby whale now."  I was truly shocked and appalled to hear that. The sooner we wake up and realize that what the media is selling us is a fantasy, the better. Real men and women have stretch marks, they sometimes get chubby and gain weight, they snore and no one looks great when they have just woken up! Stop wasting your time chasing a fantasy but focus on finding someone real who shares your values and will be faithful and will love you and accept your imperfections just as you do the same! Good Luck and God bless you!

PS: If you want someone real, pray to God and you will find that special someone !


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