Made for a purpose (Vocation)

Why am i here? Why was i created? What is my purpose in life? All very meaningful and deep questions we should be asking ourselves! Please get yourself a  copy of a purpose driven life by rick warren. It is a bestselling book because it has inspired so many people including me and i hope it inspires you in your search for Life's purpose.

Each one of us, great or simple, young or old, beautiful or plain, rich or poor has a purpose in life! Do you believe that? Sometimes i think about my life and i wonder, am i really making a difference in this world or can i make a difference in this world? I seem so small compared to the world and it seems like i am insignificant!

Everyone wants to have a life that is full of meaning and is a fulfillment of our dreams but we need to accept that some of the greatest things are hidden from the world. In our own simple ways we can fulfill our destiny, by living out God's purpose for our lives. Whether we are called to serve in the public sphere or in obscurity, the former is not a greater service than the latter. Whether we are called to marriage or to priesthood or sometimes living a single life, we are all serving a purpose. May God guide you on your journey to fulfill your calling! God bless you all!

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