Its ok to be happy!

Sometimes things are going really well for you in life and you have some semblance of happiness. Almost everyday i meet or hear about someone who is suffering gravely or in tragic circumstances and it makes me feel guilty for being happy sometimes. I wish i could take away their problems and bring them joy. (sigh)

But as the french say "c'est la vie", that's life! You cannot right all the wrongs in the world not matter how much you want to. Life can be so unfair and sometimes even cruel to some people. The question you should be asking yourself is, am i the reason that some people are unhappy? Very often people are suffering because of our selfish human nature.

Lets all make an effort to share joy with others especially people in great suffering. Start with a smile, it is truly comforting when someone smiles and tries to cheer you up. Lets turn those frowns into smiles and wipe away those tears! God bless you all!

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