All Hallows Eve

All hallows eve or Halloween has become a popular festival in out times. I personally do not celebrate Halloween as i see it as an excuse for women to dress indecently and generally for debauchery and lewd behavior.  But the most important reason why i do not celebrate it is because of its connection to witchcraft or the occult.

Traditionally all hallows eve, the day before all souls day (01 Nov) is supposed to be a day for us to remember all the dead and pray for them to rest in eternal peace which is actually a beautiful thing. However, people have turned it into a celebration of darkness and supposedly mocking evil spirits and darkness. Our obsession with darkness these days has people dressing up and all manner of evil beings such as vampires, demons, warlocks including the children! I previously discussed about foolish curiosity in the occult and one of the ways to invite evil into your life is through this kind of foolish naivety.

Why should you celebrate a festival which glorifies evil? A festival which prides itself on horror and centers on the occult? On demons and witchcraft? If you are wise, you will stay far far away from this evil. I will be praying for all the dead to find peace on all hallows eve and i encourage you to do the same. May all the dearly departed find mercy and rest in God's house. Amen.

PS: Halloween should not be an excuse for ladies to dress like sluts and get away with it!(pun intended)

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