Getting everything you want!

In life, we always want something. Some might even say we want things we think we cant have or things that wie think will make us happy. George benard shaw is quoted as saying " there are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire, the other is to gain it!" The wisdom that comes with age is that one day, we will thank God for not giving us everything we asked for!

Sometimes we get the things we really wanted, only to realise, we didnt really need it or it does not truly makes us happy. Other times we get what we want but it only makes us greedy and nothing seems to satisfy us, we keep wanting more! (sigh)

We need to learn to appreciate all the things in life we take for granted. We have everything we need and it is within our grasp to get it. Do not spend your life chasing after material things. They will never make you happy and they cannot fill that empty feeling. That feeling that something is missing. Only God can make you whole andf give you peace! Our hearts are truly restless untill they rest in you Lord. Amen.

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