Putting things off!

I sometimes postpone doing some things because i am too "lazy" to do them or don't feel like doing them at the time. The danger with putting things off that you know you should have done today is that you usually end up not doing them at all or just creating more problems for yourself in the long run. ("stop making excuses for why you cant do it today")

Honestly speaking it is sometimes due to laziness. Lets start with a simple example of house chores. If you washed your dirty laundry everyday before it plied up into a heap, wouldn't it be much easier to do your laundry? or the dirty dishes in your sink? Do not put something off that you know you can do right away because you may end up never doing it at all.

I keep thinking about starting a business but i have not yet gotten around to actually doing it.  I just need to dive in all the way. Yes, there are a lot of things to consider when you are going to do certain things like starting a business or before making a major decision but do not put it off for too long.
Good luck !

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