Your Life is determinded by the choice not to give up!

Circumstances and opportunities or lack thereof mold us into who we are. Sometimes we think that we are better than others because the truth is some people are born into a "better" life. Some people are given alot more opportunities in life and i know its not fair but that is the way life is.

There are always people who are born without much opportunity and facing a lot of challenges who manage to make something out of their lives. Many wealthy and successful people werent born that way, they had to earn their success through hard work and determination to succeed.

In life, you will fail at some things but you must never give up on trying to make your life better. Do not sit there and feel sorry for yourself and say but i cant achieve this dream because i do not have the opportunities. Get up and do something about it. If you want something go get it. If you are unhappy about something, change it.( "i am not talking about altering your body with surgery")

I do not think you have to try to be extraordinary in life. Be ambitious yes and do not get too comfortable but be realistic. Even "ordinary" things done well become extraordinary.


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