Why not now?

Yesterday, i had an interesting conversation with one of my friend's who is running her mother's restaurant while her mother convalesces from an accident. (sigh) She is still a young lady and it is hard work and she was abit down about it saying she had put so many things on hold and she still has to wait longer because it will take a while for her mother to get back on her feet.

Today morning, my brother informed me that he was cut from his new job as a teacher. Granted he didnt train as a teacher but i think he was a bit down too. We have all been at that point in our lives where we wish we could see progress but we just cant. Yesterday the priest in my local church reminded us in his homily that as long as you have life, change is possible and you cannot give up just because things are tough right now.

Honestly, its hard to keep your chin up when you feel like life has given you lemons. Sometimes we compare our lives to others and we say to ourselves, why not now? When will good things happen to me? Thats the wrong atttitude because everyone has a story. You have no idea what they went through to get where they are in life, what they are still going through. Everybody has their own time. That is what i told her and that is what i told my brother today. Your time will come and you will be able to say, the rest s history. So hold your head high, pick up your feet and dont let anyone take your joy from you! God bless you all!


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