True Art

Art may be subjective and apparently some people do not have an "artist's" eye or do not appreciate art. However i draw the line at certain things which are considered art. For example certain things deisplayed in art galleries and museums today are simply ridiculous, such as large sponges and paintings which make you think, what is that supposed to be? What was the artist trying to portray?

While i do think that art pieces should challenge us and make us think, i feel that some artists are not true artists in the sense of the word and are just cheating their audiences. Don't get me started on abstract art. I believe art should be beautiful and expressive of the artist's passion not grotesque and confusing. I am sorry but i am just not buying what some artist's are selling today. I am not an art critic but i am not an idiot either! Not everybody has the talent for it, sorry!


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