And this horde of yours....whose will it be then?

Last Sunday, the Gospel reading centered on a parable by Jesus of an avaricious man who feels falsely secure because of his great wealth! In the world we live in today, we think that great wealth equals security. People fawn over you and you can buy anything and everything you want. Anything you desire, you can attain and the world seems to be at your finger tips!

The rich man in the parable is very relatable to many of the wealthy people we have today. Just yesterday, i was watching a video about the difference between wealthy people and everyone else! Apparently "poor" people believe that money is the root of all evil and rich people believe that poverty is the root of all evil. He had some good points but i disagree with him on that point!

How many wealthy people have acquired their wealth by breaking the backs of others? How many have taken what belonged to others by exploiting their weaknesses? Wealth at any cost is not worth it and recently i read an article that said the wealthiest people in the world own more than what half of the world's population combined own! ( i will write about this shortly)

Lets not fool ourselves into thinking wealth brings fulfillment and happiness. Often times, the more we earn, the more we want. Beware of the greed for material wealth! The foolish man in the parable says he will tear down his old barns and build new ones to fill them with his bounty. He then says to his and be happy for you have everything. In turn the lord says "Fool, the demand for your soul will be made this very night and this horde of yours, whose will it be then?

As the writer of Ecclesiastes says "all is vanity". One day we will all die and all the things we leave behind will be taken by someone who has not toiled for them! Some will even tear down our monuments and build new ones. As Jesus says do not store up treasure on earth where thieves and robbers can destroy them, rather store your treasures in heaven where they will last for eternity!

Lord, help us to live above the false show of things! Let us put all our trust in you and not in the false security we think our possessions and accomplishments will give us! And may we be faithful stewards of your gifts here on earth, sharing them lovingly with those of greatest need. Amen.


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