Gossip and Rumors


"Do not believe everything you hear" is a good saying to live by. People love to talk and whether you are good or bad people will always have something to say about you! Do not pay so much attention to people's thoughts and opinions about your life or your misfortunes. You cannot please everyone! People who love to gossip even sometimes exaggerate their stories and it becomes a complete distortion of the truth. I read somewhere that 'if you do not have anything nice to say about someone, do not say anything at all".

People who tell you about others will tell others about you. It would do you well to remember that before you indulge in gossip. If someone says something nasty behind someone's back, i personally try to conclude the conversation and that person will have lost respect in my eyes. People's reputations have been damaged by malicious gossip. If you have something to say to someone, go and say it to their face. Do not start telling other people gossip and if you want to clarify something ask the person concerned.

The sad thing is most gossip is never constructive or helpful or about something good. Usually its about a scandal or how someone did something really awful or how someone is in some kind of trouble or lost their job e.t.c. I know gossip can seem juicy but lets all try to respect other people and respect ourselves.
Do not indulge in gossip and keep a distance from people who love to gossip and like i said earlier " do not believe everything you hear".

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