Anger is linked to Pride

Someone close to me has a temper. He sometimes even moves from having a temper to becoming enraged. Honestly it scares me sometimes. Rage can drive us as human beings to do very careless and reckless. In a moment of rage we can do something we can never recover from and live a life full o regret.

If you really look deep within you and try to find out the root cause of anger, you will discover that it is pride that causes anger more often than not. If someone for example bumps into you on the street, you might get angry and think "how dare he/she? cant people look pay more attention to where they are going? If someone insults you, you think "who the hell does he/she think they are?" and so many other scenarios where we get angry are linked to pride.

My advice is if you get enraged easily, please  seek some help either professionally or with friends and family. Its a human weakness some people have to deal with and nothing to be ashamed of. Also, learn to walk away from situations that enrage you and whenever you feel that you are about to lose control! Take the high road always! (It sucks sometimes to be the bigger person, i know!)


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