Zeal in your profession

Yesterday my day was quite busy and i really felt tired when i left work. Work is never supposed to be easy i know but you have to keep motivated at work. I know some jobs are really boring and you do he same tasks everyday!(sucks right?) Thats why i think its important to do the work that you feel best suits your personality. It will help you to be selfmotivated at work and your work will become easier and more enjoyable.

I think you should also talk to the people you work with, crack some jokes, lighten the mood. However this should not be an excuse to slack off at work. You need to do your work efficiently because hello, that's what you are there for first of all! If a task is really difficult for you then please ask for help from your colleagues and try to work as a team at work. You will get things done faster and better for some tasks.

When i was younger, i wanted to be a doctor when i grew up. However in high school i struggled with physics and chemistry until i realized i had to move on from that dream, it just was not meant to be. Now i am a travel professional and l absolutely love my work and i cannot think why i even dreamed about being a doctor! There is not only one profession or path in life for you. And by the way your parents professions are not necessarily the right ones for you. Find something you are passionate about and do it! Good luck!


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