Maturity and Responsibility as an adult!

Today i was almost hit by a motorbike whose rider was moving in the wrong lane as i crossed the street.  I just shook my head in disbelief and went on my way. Honestly sometimes we are careless and we forget that we need to be responsible adults. We need to grow up and realise that we need to think twice before we do anything. 

If you are driving, yo u always have to keep a lookout for other people especially. In Africa, you alos need to look out for animals on the road too. Sometimes accidents are caused by poor driving or just plainly crazy driving. Sone people seem to be in such a hurry and are so impatient on the road. Would it kill you to wait in line if there is a jam rather than driving on the wrong lane?

Our own poor judgement of certain situations in our lives leads to problems we could have avoided. We also love to blame someone or something for our problems. We usually look for excuses and want to shift the blame to other people. We all need to grow up and own up to our decisions and actions and face the consequences for those actions. Its time to be responsible and accountable adults! Learn from your mistakes and move forward, there is always a lesson!


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