I am because you are!

When i was still in elementary school, i remember loving science. I remember my lessons about bees. Bees are very social insects and they all work together to complete tasks in the hive. They depend on each other for their collective survival.

Human beings are meant to be like bees in as far as depending on each other for survival goes. In fact life would be miserable if we were alone in this world. We need to appreciate other human beings more because can you imagine a life without neighbors, or friends, or people moving on the streets beside you?

The spirit of "Ubuntu" is "i am because you are". Whether you are a president or a simple farmer or a doctor or a potter, what you do, does not define who you are! Every single human life is important and we need to start depending on one another not just for survival but because we genuinely care about each other! And whether you care to admit it or not, the truth is your successes are not solely based on your own efforts. They are also based on your efforts through co-operation with others.

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