Suffer Indignity or affirm your right?

Meekness or humility truly is one of the greatest virtues you can posess! It is not always the right course of action to affirm your rights. Yes , you suffer indignity at the hands of someone but we must always remember that people can never be forced to change or to do something. You can drag the horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink........we all know that saying.

That being said, humility  does cause someone to ponder and can make someone change their attitude. Sometimes you have to let somethings go, you cannot fight fire with fire. We need to learn how to meet people halfway, how to compromise.

It is difficult, to be humble in this world that promotes assertiveness and being aggressive. survival of the fittest and all that! While it is good to be assertive and know your rights, you need to balance that with a meek and humble attitude. Remember that humility also has a place in this world and in life and it shows great strength of character to be humble. Jesus meek and humble of heart, make my life unto thine, Amen!

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