Show me who i really am Lord

People sometimes flatter us and tell us the things we would like to hear.  They may do it because they want something from you or so that they "spare" you hurt feelings. They say " the truth hurts", but lies hurt worse. Its better to deliver the truth in a gentle way than console someone with a lie.

Reality can be harsh but we need to learn to accept the truth , to see things and situtations for what they really are, not what we wish they were. Apparently, we all wear masks in life. We are a certain way with the people we love, at work or out in society and alone in the privacy of our homes.

Dont let the mask deceive you, the Lord knows who you are and you only have to ask him to reveal your true self. We all have flaws and things we wish we could hide about ourselves. Embrace your flawed humanity, your weaknesses are also a part of you. Just keep trying not to let them get the better of you, keep fighting to be better and accept that you are imperfectly perfect. Show me who i am Lord. Amen

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