Vengeance is mine....says the Lord!

In the wake of the recent attacks in orlando, florida in the united states, alot of people are nervous about revenge. While i can imagine how much anger the victims of the families feel ,  vengeance only perpetuates the cycle of violence in society and never solves anything. I still do not understand why , with all the shootings that have happened in the united states, the goverment will not push for tighter legislation on gun control? (sighhh)

An eye for an eye was one of the first laws of the ancient Babylonians who were thought to be wise! While i think they were trying to be fair by setting such a law, they did not consider the fact that it never ends there and people will continue they cycle of violence untill no one is left standing! Grugdes are actually line bitter posion, we put so much energy into hurting someone we perceive to have wronged us or wronged the people we care about. When does it end? Do you even realise that the person you are hurting most by holding on to your anger is yourself?

Do not let yourself be a slave to hatred and revenge but forgive and be free! I know its hard but you can only have peace when you let go of that resentment and bitterness. You cannot change someone's attitiude by brute force but you definitelty can by showing them kindiness and forgiveness. Jesus meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto thine! Amen

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