Dreams and Ambition

Every great invention started with a dream which someone had that many others thought was impossible. Everyone has dreams and do not be afraid to dream big! The truth is that our dreams more often than not are different from what our parent's dreams are for us or what other people's expectations are for us. My cousin wants to study law but her parents are refusing to listen to her and support her choice. Parents always want the best for their children and i respect that. However at some point parents have to let go of their own expectations and dreams for what they think their children's dreams should be. They need to listen to their children, respect their decisions and support them while giving advice. Not every one is cut out for a career in sciences so let us respect people's dreams in the arts as well.

Ambition is good. You should always envision a better life than the one you have now and strive to achieve it. However your life goals should be realistic and achievable. I once had the ambition to become an excellent surgeon/doctor but i was struggling with science subjects like physics and chemistry. I realized that it was a lovely dream but i had to face reality. There is not only one thing in life you are good at. I am now enjoying a career in the travel industry and i am really passionate about it. Also your ambition should never come at the cost of destroying other people's lives or selfishness of not taking into account other people on your rise to a better life or unfair business practices that exploit people especially the poor. I remember a soap i watched on TV some years back.(yes i am ashamed to admit i used to watch telenovelas). Somebody was saying she would achieve wealth at any cost and that is scary! So remember to follow your dreams and aspire to be better everyday but make sure your conscience is clear.

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