The desire to improve upon one's looks is not a bad thing. Most people are conscious about the way others around us perceive our appearance and it boosts our self worth when we feel that we are smart and attractive. I for one usually put a lot of effort into my clothing and i usually think about what i am to wear the next day. Does it match with my mood? I also always give myself the once over in a mirror before i leave home. Do i feel confident in what i am wearing today? Those are just a few of the questions in my mind when i am getting dressed. I usually put on make up and these days i feel less confident without it. And a fragrance is a must as i love to smell nice and fresh.

We should try always to maintain good standards of personal hygiene. Keep your clothes neatly ironed, brush your teeth regularly, keep your hair combed and neatly cut. You should also use breath mints to maintain fresh breath and at least use a deodorant to maintain a fresh scent throughout the day. Shave body hair regularly and do some exercise to kip fit and healthy. I know some people struggle with excess weight but you have to maintain your body. Do not indulge in excessive eating and keep your consumption of processed and junk foods to a minimum.

Body image is important but you need to draw a line too. Excessive vanity, the kind that leads you to alter your body through plastic surgery is wrong. These days aging is the enemy that must be fought at all costs and if you don't like something about you, change it!("seriously?") We all have things about us we wish we could change but the first step is accepting yourself and your flaws. Then you can work on the things you would like to change through diet and exercise. By the way there is no quick fix to getting your body in shape. I mean the so called slimming pills. Some people are genetically gifted with toned bodies but for most of us you have to work hard to get it just like everything else in life.

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