Lust and Passion

Being passionate is a good thing. Today i am writing my personal views and experiences about lust and or passion in the context of relationships. Most people would be flattered if they were viewed by other people as "sexy" or "hot".("i know i would!") Dating and relationships in today's world is very complex and you have to be tough to survive the emotional roller coaster that it is. Rushing into sexual relations with strangers or people you just met(one night stands) or sexual relationships with no intention of commitment(friends with benefits) is the norm especially among young people and even sadly(sigh) married people.

I personally draw the line at such relationships. I always make it clear that i am not interested in such relationships. You have to have some self respect because you are person not something to be used to scratch an itch. You need someone in your life who wants to get to know you! Someone who is interested in your work. your views, wants to get to know you and everything about you. Passion is important in a relationship but it will fade with time. And when the "spark' burns out of your relationship, usually its on to the next one and the cycle repeats itself with a string of broken relationships. Lust is not love and love is not just a feeling but a commitment.

All relationships are hard. There are no easy ones but successful couples are determined to make their relationships work and put in effort and commitment to keep their relationships strong. We all need to grow up and suck it up. when it gets hard you have to find a way to bring back the spark and remember the way you felt when you had just started the relationship. Mutual respect and communication are key to a good relationship. Men say women usually expect men to read their minds and know how they are feeling which is sometimes true but my advice to women is don't get angry and keep things bottled inside waiting for him to apologize. Men are not mind readers, if something he said or did bothers you, tell him! Men should realize that women are emotional beings and should pay attention to their feelings and listen when they are talking. Keep your relationships alive by being friends too because even when the spark is gone, you will always be connected by your friendship.


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