Grief and Mourning

Everyone of us has at one time or will at one time lose some one or something("a pet") we care about. It is one of the most difficult things in life to deal with the loss of someone we love. When someone has such a loss in their life the first thing that happens is shock or a state of numbness. People grieve in their own ways but i think sudden outburst of an emotion like sadness immediately such a loss happens is rare. But people are different. You cannot rush the grieving process. Yes, it is a process. You may wish to tell yourself that today i am going to get over it but you cant.

It is ok to grieve for a time. It is ok to be angry and sad and overwhelmed by the loss and do not be ashamed to cry. You need to let out all those emotions and then you will have truly started to heal. Some people say they can never move on after such a loss. Yes, people are different and such losses cut deep. However you have to try to move on with your life. Grieve and always remember your lost loved one but if you do not start the healing process then your life will forever be changed. Some people even die of a broken heart. Doctors will of course say its nonsense but i have a friend who lost his young child and a few months later his wife was ill and died. He told me she never recovered from the loss of her child. He is still alive and moving on with life. I believe his strength comes from God and is an inspiration to us all.

When someone is grieving whether we know the person or not we should comfort them. Sometimes people in mourning push others away but you have to be there for them whether they want you to or not. You cannot replace what they have lost but you can help them to heal. To all those people in the world grieving the loss of your loved one, you are not alone. Some one cares about your tears and about your shattered heart. Do not despair, take heart. God sees your wounded hearts and he cries with you. I believe prayer is the best thing you can do when you are grieving and will heal your wounded hearts. Pray especially for your lost loved ones that they may find peace in the next life. There will always be people around to help with the healing process. I am one of those people and i care for you!


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