Violence against other people

Currently there is an upsurge of tribal violence particularly in Uganda and Kenya. The recent clashes in western Uganda have claimed around 90 lives. In neighboring Kenya there have been violent riots in the capital Nairobi. This is very disturbing news indeed and should concern all of us. We should not take it lightly and think it does not directly affect us.

In my view violence against other people based on race, gender, ethnicity, social status or any other kind is wrong and cannot be justified. People are people. I may not always like everyone i meet but i do not discriminate against people and i am never violent towards them.

I know peaceful co-existance with all peoples and tribes is a very difficult thing to achieve but we all must try. Let us start with innocent children. We must bring them up to respect and love people of all cultures and tribes and races. Prejudices may run deep with adults but let us try to live together in harmony.

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