Mercy and Forgiveness

We have all done things we are not proud of, we have made mistakes. Our actions whether good or bad always have consequences. I personally believe that the intention behind our actions is what matters. If you do something "good" but with malicious intentions or intention to hurt others then it is not a good deed and vice versa.

We have to find a way to be patient with people. Sometimes people will hurt you deliberately or because of a genuine flaw in their character. No one is perfect and we have to remember that. Everyone deserves a second chance! When someone hurts you especially repeatedly, we sometimes make a decision to cut that person out of our lives, even if the person is family. We want to give up and shut that person out of our lives. Some people need someone in their lives to push them to make a positive change in their lives! If you give up on them what will become of them? You will be partly responsible for the misery in their lives! How many people do you and i know who have turned their lives round completely after hitting rock bottom?

When someone who has hurt you apologizes to you and refuse to accept their apology, think about how hard it is for someone to say they are sorry and remember that you have also made mistakes. To error is human and to forgive is divine, so the saying goes! It is very true and real forgiveness means trying your best to forget past mistakes. Do not always remind the person that you forgave them for past transgressions. Lets all try to let go of the bitterness that comes with holding grudges. Forgive and move past it!

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