Naming children

Before you give a child a name you need to think carefully about the name you are giving your child. In the "old times" children were given names with meaning. Sometimes children were named according to the situation or season at the time of their birth. In Africa sometimes children were named names meaning "hunger" or "suffering" according to the situations at the time of their birth. Personally, i dislike such names because i believe names can have an impact on the child's life. Its one of the reasons why children sometimes change their names when they grow up and get to know the meaning of their names.

My first name is a Hebrew name meaning "abundance" or "excellence" and my last name is in my local language meaning "they are wise". My last name is quite long but when i grew up and got to know the meaning of it, i loved it! Both my names carry significant meaning and i believe it is a blessing on my life from God and my parents. I believe that the first blessing you can give a child is a name that carries a good meaning. You can also name your children after someone with great virtue like a saint. Before you give your child a name think hard and do research about the meaning behind that name!


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