Family Life

Yesterday i had an interesting conversation with my cousin about family life. It was a bit sad because family life these days seems to be getting more difficult and fraught with scandal. There is a lot of violence, betrayal, jealousy and even murder committed in families. Children are being abandoned by their parents, family members are fighting one another over land or money. Wives and husbands cannot stand being next to each other and yet they swore vows to each other in the sight of God and man.

I grew up in a loving family where i never saw my father ever raise a hand to hit my mother and neither did i ever see them argue or fight. Fighting in front of your children causes so much damage to their innocence and degrades family values. It is never easy even when you have loving parents to keep a family stable but you have to try and make it work. When two people bring a child into this world, there is no room for selfishness. You always have to put your child's needs before your own. That is what it means to be a parent! I will speak about marriage sometime soon but i have to say that it should not be taken lightly. If you are not ready to be bound to someone for life then you should think twice before having a child with them. Children need a stable home and they need both their father and mother together.

Let us start by making peace in our families. Do your best to be patient within your family situation. Respect your Father and Mother and Love them because you do not know what they have given up or what they have been through as parents. Someday you will know what it means to be a parent. It is not easy. Love and respect your siblings. Pray together as a family.("the family that prays together stays together"). Forgive one another and do not keep a bitter heart full of resentment.

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