Cruel Intentions of the heart

Some people smile with their lips and yet they have cruel or wicked intentions behind their smiles. I learnt the hard way that you should never be too trusting of people even those who you think are your friends. Someone made it her mission to spread malicious gossip about me and to cause me pain and yet i had never done a thing to her. When i confronted her about it, she feigned ignorance but i was firm and told her i would not tolerate any more of that. I am not a confrontational person but another lesson i learned is that you cannot take crap from anyone in your life.

If someone oversteps you can let it go but if it happens over and over again, that means that person does not respect you. You are not a door mat and you have to learn to speak up against injustice to you and to others. The world is a dangerous place indeed and there are many people out there who feed on the misery of others. You have to be cautious about who you trust. Do not disclose personal information about yourself to anyone and do not indulge gossip about your friends, co-workers or family.

Life is too short to live it as a bad person and what goes around comes around. Someday you will have to pay for every bad thing you have done to others maliciously and with an intent to hurt them. The wicked shall have no rest either in this life and certainly not in the next.

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