Honest Prayer!

Honestly, i find it hard to pray sometimes. The body seems to resist prayer and distractions keep assailing me. That being said, i try to persevere and i always feel a sense of peace after talking to God. There is no feeling like that anywhere in the world. I believe God gives me his peace.

I read somewhere yesterday that emotions like anger, just are. They are neither right nor wrong. Sometimes we may feel anger towards God and we need to honestly express that to him. He can take it. Granted our emotions may not be justifiable before God , but he will not fault us for them.  Tell God exactly what you are feeling, good or bad or sad. Dont be afraid to tell him, he longs for you to open up.

Lord, i want to always be open with you, to bare my soul to you. Increase my faith in you day by day. Amen.

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