The Beast within!

I am still reeling from the shock of what happened in my city, kampala recently. Someone was shot becasuse he grazed someone else's car. He had even got out of his car to work it out with the other guy and the other guy gets out a gun and shoots him dead! When i heard about it, i was so disappointed and angry at his actions.

Meanwhile this year in kenya, a chinese tourist killed someone by stabbing at a certain lodge becasue she had apparently refused to move away from his preferred seat. There are no words to describe what is going on in the world today but "crazy" comes to mind alot. I meam at the rate we are going, people are going to start killing each other for "looking at me the wrong way." (whatever thant means)

Lets not let our broken world turn us into paranoid people. You do not have to always look at people with suspicion and become anxoius whenever you go out. We need to be more vigilant and cautious and we need to fight the beast within. Granted we are all dealing with certain issues in our lives that can make us angry but dont let rage eat you up untill it destroys you. We all need to make an effort to stay calm. May God give you his peace. Amen.

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