Open my eyes Lord!

We are always looking for something better and comparing our lives to others , but do we ever stop to think about how good we already have it? They say "you never miss a good thing till its gone" and i honestly believe thats true. We do not appreciate the good things in our lives until we do not have them anymore or untill we meet people who truly are at a disadvantage.

Complaining about every little thing is what we get used to doing. If for some reason, something that doesn't even count as a problem comes our way, like maybe it was abit too sunny , it ends up ruining our mood and day. We need to get over ourselves. Trivial things should not make us lose our inner peace. Our lives will never be perfect here on earth but we have to do our best to keep our attitudes positive and we will be amazed at how many good things they are in this world that we take for granted! God bless you all!

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