This world is not my home!

As we enter the month of Novemeber which is traditionally dedicated to the ones who have gone before us, i am reninded of jim reeve's song, "this world is not my home". I know so many people especially in our times are so narrow minded, so to speak and are either embracing the new age philosophy of reincarnation, which to be honest, i find ridiculous or just living for the monent, after all, when you are dead, thats the end! (sighhh)

Faith is a gift from God and these days we are encouraged to have proof, we need to see something to believe it.  I do not subscribe to that personally. I know its hard to have hope especially in our world today but take heart, you do have a home thats not this world. It exists in eternity, beyond time and space. A special place prepared for you by your creator (God) and no one and nohing can take that away from you except your own choice.

God will always extend his mercy to you untill the last moment of your life. It is up to you to either reject him or embrace him , as you have free will. At death your choice will become permanent and you will enter your final state depending on your own choice. Lord, i am weak but i trust in you. Bring me into your abode of everlasting joy and love. Amen.

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