Handling Stress

Dealing with a stress today because my workmate and i had a misunderstanding and she went off on me again. I know people are not perfect but she seems to be an irritable and easily angered person and some times she misunderstands my intentions and it becomes about how my actions are done to undermine or spite her. Sometimes i just want to tell her to get a grip and say not everything is about you!

We all need patience but trust me its not easy to remain calm but i have to stay strong. Please tell me how you handle stress.

Tips on stress management:
  • Take deep breaths("i know how very cliche" but i hear it works)
  • Take a walk.
  • Talk to a friend.
  • Have a good cry.("it is good to cry trust me")
  • Avoid confrontation and shouting.
  • Slow down and don't panic when faced with a difficult task.
  • Don't worry.Worrying never solves a problem.

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