10 things to do just for fun

  • Play a prank on someone, friend or co-worker, family member as long as its not cruel. For example write a funny note and stick it on the back of their clothes.(i know very unoriginal, maybe you can come up with better pranks than this)
  • Go take a ride in an amusement park. Whether its Disneyland or some other amusement park, go and have fun especially with kids or even just friends and family or lovers. Be a kid again once in a while. It's good for you!
  • Eat Chocolate: You need to indulge that sweet tooth once in a while and i have read somewhere that chocolate is good for you when you are feeling blue. Try it.

  • Drink wine: there is nothing like a glass of sweet red or white wine to end a stressful day. I absolutely love wine. My favorite right now is Cinzano rosso. Even the name is belisima.

  • Travel: I know travel is relatively expensive but if you can afford it take a vacation to a place you have always wanted to see especially in the summer or if you have never seen snow like me, try visiting a place in winter. Experience new cultures and new peoples.
  • Learn a new languange: i am learning spanish online and it is really fun and intriguing to learn another langugage apart from english! Encantado,El gusto es mio!
  • Makeover: i am currently having a new short hair do which i am loving and it makes me feel more confident and its kinda edgy. You can change your clothes too but just be confident and do something that compliments your personality.
  • Learn to play an instrument: it's so cool to learn how to play guitar or piano or a violin. 
  • Watch comedies: I laughed my ass off when i started watching friends. I absolutely love sitcoms because they are short and they have you in stitches  
  • Take a bath and soak in some bath salts as you listen to some music.
  • Learn how to cook: its really fun to learn how to cook.

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