Tomorrow 3rd Junes is celebrated as Martyrs day in Uganda in honor of the brave young men who gave their lives for an unseen God and in total disregard for the orders of their King ("kabaka" in the local language). Some people think what they did was crazy. I mean how dare they disobey their king? Moreover for a God they had just come to know about so recently when the missionaries arrived.

Truth be told, i do not know if i would have been brave enough to do what they did. Most of them were burnt alive at Namugongo but a few like Mattia Mulumba had his limbs chopped off and left to die. However they approached their death with true christian courage and even joy as is the character of all christian martyrs.

Out of their sacrifice Christianity spread all over Uganda and we have something today to be truly proud of. We celebrate their great virtue and we are inspired by their courage and great love for God.
by the way one of the martyrs was a boy who was barely 15 named Kizito. Please read more about the Uganda martyrs online.

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