Prejudice and hatred

Sometimes i don't like people because of the way they dress or how they look or even how they talk. I feel irritated by them but i do not even know them. That is something i keep trying to overcome because people are all flawed and we should not judge them even before we know them or even what circumstances and challenges have shaped them to be who they are! Truth is People are mean and life is a bitch but there will always be a few people who will surprise you with their kindness and genuine compassion, true friends you can rely on. I believe one of the things that makes us special and unique as humans is our capacity for Hope. Don't ever lose that.

I have been hearing a lot lately about hate crimes. Gang rapes, murders, terrorist attacks just to name a few of those horrors. Our society today is "broken" by so many things. I even witnessed someone being beaten up in high school for no apparent reason. We need to discourage bullying and belittling children right from their tender ages. How many innocent lives have we lost due to suicides and even children killing each other? How many more must we lose? It does not matter your race, gender, age, sexual orientation or social status. There is no excuse for violence and hate crimes against each other as human beings. We are compassionate, beautiful, intelligent peaceful beings and i challenge you to fight any and all forms of hatred and prejudice. Lets create a new world where our children can live in peace and loving harmony with one another.

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