10 things to make life interesting:

  • Get a pet. Maybe not just to entertain you but pets can be fun especially if you live alone. 
  • Write: you don't
    have to start a blog but you can write things in your diary about things in your life, your thoughts, dreams, inspirations e.t.c.
  • Make new friends. I know its not easy especially with work schedules, families, problems but meeting new people is always interesting.
  • Be impulsive: throw caution to the wind and do something you have never tried before because your too afraid, or too cautious, or you think is too crazy e.g. bungee jumping.
  • Read: the truth is there are so many things you pick up when you read. It even opens up your mind and makes you smarter.
  • Meditate and reflect: I am a christian so i meditate usually about God. You should also reflect on your life, memories, mistakes but don't focus on the mistakes bit because you might get depressed.
  • Fantasize: yes i know life is not all roses but i find myself daydreaming about having special powers, or that really HOT someone, or being a royal.......i will stop there before i start looking crazy.
  • Socialize/Attend parties: i know its hard especially for introverts but you need to go out more often, attend parties. Meeting people is a great way to relax and share a few laughs and drinks!
  • Do something kind for someone else. Volunteer to help out on something that will benefit someone else and put a smile on their face. e.g. visit sick people in hospitals, visit prisoners....
  • Travel: if i could afford it, i would be visiting a new place/country every month. It's so interesting to experience new cultures, food, attractions, histories...........

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