The Calm after the Storm

There is a saying that goes "nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles" but it hurts like hell to feel like life is a bitch everyday. I am going through a tough time right now. I lost my job and iinvested most of my savings in something that might take a while to give me some returns. Most days i wake up and i say to myself "damn another day is here". I am feeling abit depressed and sorry for myself(" not suicidal of course").

Life never goes the way you planned it and no one has the perfect life as much as we sometimes envy the people we think have better lives than ours. We need to learn to accept our lives and be content but that does not mean you should not hope for a better life than the one you have now. Ambition is not a bad thing but be realistic in your ambitions. I know things will get better for me because i put my faith in God who will never let me down and my friends and family who will always be there for me. Have a blessed week!

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