Destroying the essence of marriage

These days a lot is being said about people having the right to be happy and about marriage equality for all orientations. I am not judging anyone but my stand is that not everything is permissible just because it makes you feel good! Some things are just not right! Marriage is a sacred institution intended by God to be between one man and one woman. It is meant to be a permanent bond of love and mutual respect until death of the spouse.

The sexual revolution in the 1960's? apparently is really just an excuse to be promiscuous. Then there is abortion ("its abhorrent that some women use it as a form of birth control and even more appalling that some are married women") and birth control and divorce. Do not get me started on divorce. I always read about certain divorce articles and many couples give the reason of divorce as "irreconcilable differences" Seriously? Divorce is also just another excuse to be promiscuous There is no perfect man or woman, no perfect relationship. If you want a good lasting relationship / marriage then you have to work hard to build it and be prepared to stand by the person you chose through everything and anything.

Co-habiting is not a substitute for marriage. Our generation of today is destroying the values and essence of marriage. Marriage is not just about passion or desire or security! Marriage is about building and sharing a life together and the main goal of marriage is to start a family. Do not go into marriage expecting bliss, go into it prepared to do your best to make your partner happy! Marriage is a calling and not everyone gets to marry but if marriage is your path in life then you must accept your choice of partner and do your duties as a spouse but above all you must respect and love them till death does you apart!


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