What i want is not always what i need!

Someone one told me that when you enter a supermarket or department store, their business aim is to empty your pockets of all and any money you have on you! That is quite true especially for women who shop on impulse sometimes or to fill an emotional void. ("retail therapy really does make you feel good but only for a short time"). While it is ok to "indulge" within reason once in a while, it can also become and addiction.

Many people ("myself included") want the lifestyle that having large sums of money affords you! We want the newest models of the latest electronics, cars, the latest fashions etc. Honestly some of the new products are even "crappier" than the old ones. Sometimes when people reminisce about"the good old days", i am right there with them. Not everything old is bad and sometimes you have not even fully utilized the old thing before its on to the next one!

How many of us have actually bought something we knew we didn't need but just because it looks shiny and nice on the display? , then i must have it or just because everyone these days has one! ( "i hate those adverts turning us into impulse shoppers"). After a short while, you realise you didnt need it in the first place, you feel depressed and even dump the item in the trash or keep it in your home never really using it.(sighhhhh)

May God give us true wisdom to know the difference between what we want and what we need. Amen ! ( PS. I think that is one of the reasons God does not give us everything we pray for!')


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