Why buy the cow when you are getting its milk for free?

One of my favorite TV shows is one tree hill. It is great for those that love drama and the ups and downs of being a teenager. In one of the episodes, one of the character's Brooke Davis asks "why should he buy the cow when he is getting the milk for free?" Granted cow is a bad metaphor to mean a woman but it is very true. I am talking about living together before you are married just in case you were wondering what the hell my post is about today.

Traditionally the man asks the woman to marry him after a while of dating, sometimes  even a very short while and hopefully she accepts his proposal. In our times however things are quite different and i must say , worse! Some people barely date and are already moving in together and the next thing you know you have 3 kids  but are not married. Some people say marriage is outdated and just symbolic but i have always admired the values of marriage. Love, honesty, trust, commitment. If you find someone you can have these values with and share a life together, then good for you.

Back to the cow metaphor, when you are doing all the things that were intended for  marriage for example sleeping together, sharing finances, having children and keeping a home then marriage is always postponed until it seems irrelevant. The man is already getting everything a married man gets so why wed you officially? Granted marriage should not be like he has bought you but the law and society protects and respects marriage and i don't think that will ever change nor should it.  the law actually recognizes marriage and will help you in case of any disputes about property or spousal liability.  Some people are actually kept in line by the fear  of the law. That's not what a real marriage should be about anyway, its about commitment and realizing that marriage is never going to be easy and you will not always feel passion and love for one another but you must remember that love is more than feeling, it is actually more about commitment than feeling. In life you will always fall in and out of love but finding someone who shares your values and you can build a life with, they are truly one in a million and when you find that person, don't let go!

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